Pool Landscaping

It never matters whether you have a brand new pool or one that has been there since many years, in any case, it is always a wise and creative decision to surround your pool with a lush garden and scenic greenery that includes beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. Here, in this article, we have featured some of the best ideas to set up or revitalize your Pool Landscaping. Let us check them out!

Include Shade

Get respite from the sun. Go green and include some cool shady trees around your pool. In fact, trees are considered as a must have when it comes to pool landscaping. However, it is advised that you should not go in for those towering plants or trees that are supposed to shed a lot during the year as this trait will require a lot of pool maintenance. In case, you want to have a tree that sheds a lot then it will be wise enough to plant it in a way so that its branches do not grow to hang over the edge of the pool. So, the best idea is to get some likely-to-shed-less plants and trees to enhance the visual appeal of your pool area.

Pool Landscaping

In warmer areas, one should opt for trees such as palm that is known to shed less and also has smaller sized root balls. Pool landscaping should consist of some shady trees that should be placed on the pad in the pool or at the end of the pool. Also, it is suggested that the trees should be less aggressively rooted in order to avoid the risk of uprooting any kind of Landscaping.

Planting In Pockets

Starting off with the Pool Landscaping process from scratch has got numerous advantages, but still, it is never too late to redo an old pool landscape with the help of some intelligent planting tips and suggestions. One of the key elements is to try and incorporate a small sized planting pocket garden just adjacent to the pool. You can have a small and lovely corner or a little bed of that adds the element of color and also enhances the visual appeal of the pool landscape.

You can also go for any kind of ornamental grass like the feather reed grass that reaches up to a height of about 4 feet. It has lovely flowering stems during the early days of summer and even in the late spring times. If you want to go all natural then along with plants and trees, you can also surround the area of the pool with irregular pavers or rocks. Now, you can fill the spaces in between these hardscapes with soft and low growing plants that spread a lot. Groundcovers are a very good example.

You can also opt for containers in case you have a limited budget and time and don’t want to go in for a complete renovation of the pool landscape. You should make sure that the containers and the scale level of the pool match vividly.

Go For Heights

It is always an idea of beauty to a big sized raised bed in the adjacent area of the pool.  However, it is not necessary to place the plant beds exactly up against your pool. The right visually relieving pool landscape should incorporate different varieties of drama, floral interest and height.

A raised bed can add an ample amount of vertical height to the landscape of the swimming pool. Apart from that, dwarf tree filled containers and certain kinds of shrubs can also offer the aspect of height.

In order to achieve the most breathtaking pool landscape, you should be generous enough to splurge on trellises and pergolas. They will not only provide shade but also add up to the vertical interest. You can also fill up containers with climbing vines and place them at the bottom of a pergola. You can opt for wisteria which is a deciduous and aromatic climber and blooms in colors of pink, purple, blue, white and lavender.

Another option is to include furniture. The correct pool side furniture is rightly going to add up to the level of beauty of the pool landscape. You should take in some outdoor rugs in the arrangement of your furniture so that the living spaces are delineated.

So follow these stupendous ideas for pool landscaping and get set to get your pool area done in an aesthetically beautiful way.